I'm Megan. Dublin, Ireland. Teenager! Weird as fuck , bipolar& pretty much obsessed with everything Marvel & DC related! I am nothing without music.
Harry was there when no one else was.
TWILIGHT IS MY LIFE! KRISBIAN, ROBSESSED! Robsten- No one ships them as hard as I do.. #tfios Augustus Waters ruined normal boys for me. THG, TVD, TBBT, Stonefield:')
Kristen Stewart, is my idol; I worship the ground she walks on, along with Lady Gaga: "Be healthy and fuck everyone!"
Robert Pattinson is my everything... Along with Lana Del Rey, my queen.TMI & Clace x
Oh and Sheldon Cooper is me in male form.
I say what I want, express how I feel & dont care what others think of me. I'm me for myself and no one else. If you support racism, you're simply not my friend, especially if you hate gays, bi, or lesbian.
I talk to myself most of the time, so come say hello!:) I've been told I'm a good listener so dont hesitate if you need to talk! Love to all my beautiful followers!x twitter @Breezy_Twihard
The Land of Women is on my TV right now and I’m dying of excitement seeing Kristen with blond hair!

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